A modern CLI for production ready JavaScript applications.

Modular Design

PixelOven is split into a single core CLI with numerous addons for more specific needs. These addons include storybook, webpack and other important development tools.

Production Ready

Our primary focus is to provide tooling to drive scalable & production ready applications. We support SSR, TypeScript for type safety and other features to ensure build quality.

Community Driven

Our tooling is built on top the best the community has to offer including Babel, TypeScript, Jest, Prettier, Webpack, and many other amazing projects to power your application.

Get started in seconds

PixelOven makes it easy to focus on what matters. Keep your application moving forward and let us handle the tooling. We provide everything your team needs to build a production ready scalable application.

To create a project called my-app, run this command:

npx @pixeloven/cli init

If you prefer to install pixeloven globally the run the following cmd:

npm i -g @pixeloven/cli

Followed by our boostrapping script in your desired workspace:

pixeloven init

For new and existing projects please review our documentation for tips on getting started.

Easy to Maintain

PixelOven's strength is in it's modular design. The CLI is broken up into to single main package and a number of addons for more specific requirements.

Updating the core package is as easy as:

npm install @pixeloven/cli@latest

Addons can be upgrade in the same way and we strive to version our addons, packages and dependencies in a manner that is clear and secure.

PixelOven loves modularity

PixelOven loves modularity. Our core CLI is extended by some specialized addons to support advanced tooling needs while keeping maintainability.

However, we didn't stop there. PixelOven is design to allow the community to write their own addons to further extend PixelOven. Our hope is that people will want to contribute back to this project but we also understand that this is not always possible.

Whether your addons are for other amazing open source projects or private enterprise we leave that to you... but really it should be open ;).

"@pixeloven/cli": "6.2.0",
"@pixeloven/cli-addon-generators": "6.2.0",
"@pixeloven/cli-addon-storybook": "6.2.0",
"@pixeloven/cli-addon-webpack": "6.2.0",
"@my-project/cli-pixeloven-addon-fancy": "1.0.0"

Besides our CLI options PixelOven offers a number of simple abstractions to help user's start working with these great tools faster.

"@pixeloven-react/common": "6.2.0",
"@pixeloven-react/routing": "6.2.0"

Community Driven

Our goal is to not replace these amazing community tools but instead fill in the gaps to make it a fun and seamless experience.

Besides our CLI options PixelOven offers a number of simple abstractions to help user's start working with these great tools faster.

If you are feeling really adventurous much of our CLI functionality can be used in a more standalone fashion. Everything from the development webpack server to simple core functions is all up for grabs.