DEPRECATED: This feature has been removed as standalone CLI extension. We are exploring alternative methods such as https://github.com/microsoft/Typedoc-Webpack-Plugin

Document is a wrapper for type doc and is therefore dependent on TypeScript. As such it follows a similar pattern as our own Compile cmd.


It is important to note that currently this feature expects both a tsconfig.json and typedoc.json file to be present at the root of the package for TypeDoc to run.

tsA proxy for the TypeDoc API with a few opinionated defaults for easier setup.
tsxAn alias for ts. Implemented to help differentiate JSX based projects.


For reference on all the available options please review the official documentation for TypeDoc.


First be sure to create a tsconfig.json file at the root of the project or in other words adjacent to the package.json.

"compilerOptions": {
"rootDir": "./src",
"declarationDir": "./dist/types",
"outDir": "./dist/lib"

Second make sure to have a configuration file for TypeDoc like seen below.

"name": "@project/name",
"target": "es5",
"out": "docs",
"exclude": "*.{test}.{ts}",
"externalPattern": "**/node_modules/**",
"excludeExternals": true,
"includeDeclarations": true

The above configuration files are not exhaustive examples but instead represents our recommendation for getting started. Please review the official documentation for more advanced configurations.


Once configured we can create our documentation from our source using a cmd similar what you see below.

yarn run pixeloven document ts ./src
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